Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

The Next Steps, LLC started 2 years ago as I had clients scheduled for events and wanted to get the business side set as I began as a full time stay at home mom (SAHM). More recently we’ve grown the business and now I get to work side by side with Dan. One thing I’ve learned about is my comfort zone.

Do we know what our comfort zone is or do we just assume? Sure, it’s comfortable to go to a job day to day that you know how to do with your eyes closed. It becomes familiar and routine and for the most part we crave routine. However, when that routine starts to become less than ideal it’s time to start making some changes. I have always believed that you have to LOVE (did you hear me scream that?) what you do to do it every day. So, do YOU love what you do? I can honestly say that today in the here and now I am in love with my jobs. I have never felt more complete stepping out of my former comfort zone.

I knew what time the kids had to be to school and daycare and what time meetings were and that dinner needed to get ready and that we would all be home and eating together at dinner. I knew the extra events that we had. Today though, I know when we have school and activities and a few times that I  know are for me, but other than that it’s a crap shoot as a SAHM. It’s all up in the air based on how the kids slept or mommy for that matter. What is the weather like? How are we all feeling? What’s going on in town today? Is Daddy or Mommy traveling? More importantly, is Grandma around to help? We have no particular schedule other than to spend time with one another, do some ‘school work’ and projects and just be. So, yep that’s out of my comfort zone but brings pure happiness.

Setting up my own business was also something different and for me the greatest decision. I enjoy helping others find their footing with their events and meetings. Being able to be a sound board to flesh out ideas is fun and always different. Raising money for local non-profits that don’t have a knowledge base to go on is more than fulfilling. And I have my adornable.u business. Being a Founding Leader and part of a start up is exciting. Yes, there are challenges and kinks along the way, but we work through them. As I write this, I am on a flight to Chicago for our first leadership retreat and get to preview a new line that I can go and speak to women about. All of these steps outside of what I’m used to have helped me to take a deep breath, relax, have more fun and go with the flow.

So, I challenge you to take a look and ask yourself are you stepping outside of your comfort zone? If so, I want to hear about it! If not tell me what one small thing can you do today to start to make a change in something that matters to you.

Until next time.

Teaching Girls to Step Towards the Moon

In September 2015, The Next Steps, LLC had the distinct pleasure of providing onsite logistics to Girls to the Moon’s inaugural campference. Girls to the Moon focuses on “surrounding the next generation of girls, specifically ages 8-14, with truth and education on topics ranging from creative writing and coding to healthy relationships and sex.” The company aims to be “a catalyst for conversation about how girls should love themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin and become the best humans they can be.”

(some highlights from the camperference from top left to right: Sponsor banner; t-shirts for attendees; amazing program design and host sponsor; registration desk; co-founders Courtney, Knight and Courtenay talk GTTM for a podcast)

One of the first logistics that The Next Steps, LLC has officially assisted with, by far this will have the most special place in my heart. Full preparation for this event was done by the three amazing co-founders: Knight, Courtenay and Courtney. Their vision was brought to life by their hard work, dedication and passion to this project.

Day before prep was full of stuffing attendee bags with all kinds of swag, organizing t-shirts, and setting up sponsor table areas and classrooms for concurrent sessions. This was truly an all-hands on deck event. I joke that normally people need to be “voluntold” to do something however no one needed to be told to do anything, all of the volunteers on prep day and day of stepped up to the plate and made it happen.

I haven’t felt such an amazing vibe in so long handling on-site logistics and most specifically registration. The children (all ages truly) and their caregivers were so excited to be there and partake in a day for each to learn separately and together. i got high five’s at the registration desk!

The day was spectacular and as with all events–exhausting at the same time! I was able to sit in on several sessions myself to monitor. Sessions that were popular for caregivers included talking about social media and what it’s all about these days. Some of what they mentioned even I wasn’t aware of! My favorite piece of info to share for everyone of all ages that is on social media for personal or professional reasons would be to always remember the following:

THINK before you post (is what you are about to post): true; helpful; inspiring; nice or kind?

Sessions on engineering for the teens were standing room only! Some of the girls were inspired by local owner of The Cupcake Collection, Mignon Francois who spoke about how to become an expert in your field and if you think you know the answer I will challenge that! What was so powerful is that it resonated not only with the younger generations but the older as well to realize that it’s never too late to do what you truly love and feel passionate about.

I look forward to seeing this amazing program grow by leaps and bounds and hopefully be in every major city and state so that more girls can partake in the brilliant aspect behind Girls to the Moon. To read more I encourage you to visit their BLOG post regarding the campference and to also check out GIRLS TO THE MOON on their website!

Thank you Girls to the Moon for having The Next Steps, LLC there to assist in such a fabulous event!

In September of 2016 GTTM had their 2nd Annual Campference which SOLD OUT yet again. We had another event that weekend and were unable to attend however, were honored to donate tickets for deserving girls to attend. The recent movie, Hidden Figures, talks about how women played such an integral part of the space mission and what perfect timing to write about GTTM and their mission.

For more information please visit them at or on Facebook and stay tuned we might just have one of these campferences here in the DC area!