Our Beliefs

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Results Above All

Too many times, we’ve watched organizations and individuals shy away from setting “SMART” goals. Even when they do take the time for goal setting they make lackluster attempts at achieving those goals, with inconsistent execution and excuses. It all comes down to performance and whether the stakeholders have generated results and made progress towards goal achievement. We believe in achieving results towards attainable goals. We measure our success by results.

Expertise Out of Experience

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The Next Steps, LLC team is rooted in decades of experience working within associations to drive change, work through the details, and take projects to completion. It’s one thing to earn credentials and place designations after your name on a business card. It’s another to implement, execute, and own the outcomes of projects and initiatives daily. Continually managing those programs, products, and services to help them grow and thrive with the goal of driving progress within your organization. The Next Steps, LLC has up-to-date designations of certified association executive (CAE) and certified meeting professional (CMP) from ASAE. More importantly, the Next Steps, LLC team has experience in putting their knowledge and expertise into practice day after day, week after week, month after month to drive progress towards accomplishing the organization’s mission. Not just for a year or two but for five years at a time and ten years at a time for a variety of organizations and associations. We believe that credentials are not a path to becoming a consultant. Experience and competence is.

Membership is at the Core of Success

In recent years, skeptics and contrarians have spread a message throughout the association world that reliance on dues revenues as the core business model is a sign of weakness and may lead to failure. This “chicken little” attitude is far-fetched and is contradicted by the growing trend of for-profit businesses like Amazon, Costco, Netflix and others relying on a membership business model as core to their success. It’s our belief that associations thrive with an appropriate and relevant membership business model at their core.

Our Beliefs