In It ForEVER Meetings & Events 003

Welcome to the third episode of the In It ForEVER podcast. In this episode, Nicole describes and explains the In It ForEVER Principle and how it applies to your meetings and events. Remembering that it’s the Experience, Value, Engagement, and Relevance that matter when planning and implementing. Remembering these key factors will bring your event full circle.

Here are a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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  1. In this episode, some very cogent examples of how to get folks engaged and involved into meetings of all sizes. Your first episode should have given the names of the organizations for whom you worked. Saying you worked for profits or non profits only gives me an impression; naming names gives you relevance and your listeners concrete examples (oh, I know them tie in). Keep up the good work…and thanks for the shout out in episode 1!

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